Baby-bye NEOBED were used and tested for first time in 2010 at  „Ustav pro peci o matku a dite“ (Institution for care about mother and child) in Prague-Podoli at resuscitation ward and also intensive care unit.Afetr successfull testing,  many neonatologic centres in Brno, Plzen, Olomouc, Horovice, Sumperk, Uherske Hradiste, Zlin, Neratovice, Kolin, Pardubice, Karlovy Vary, Hradec Kralove, and Havlickuv Brod showed interest.

Your experiences
Satisfied Father
„Good morning
I have been searching a long time for photo from You at resuscitation ward or from intesive care unit, which would satisfied me and also photo, where is Johanka  in interesting position in your great beddy-bye. I admire it since the first time! I think that I am practical and beddies and accessories look great, but at first I appreciated variety of positioning and fixing babies. In most photos I have is some “ghost“, because I was taking photos through the glass of incubator,  so we are looking forward to see photos from you! From this time any photo will never be pleasant to watching them. When I was looking at photos from day after Johanka’s birth I remembered, how I was feeling really anxious, when I saw her in incubator at the first time. Maybe Johanka would like to see these photos some day and we also will apreciate looking back at these moments, which we have passed through.

Thank you

Satisfied Mother

Dear nurse,
I would like to thank you at least by this way for these things you do for babies, who decided to come a little bit earleir here.
At the first time I saw Kristynka in beddy-bye, I was excited.
At that moment I didn’t see that big glass incubator with the llittle, fewgrams  of our happiness so badly.
Our baby laid in blue beddy-bye and her body hold two big soft hands, when I couldn’t. She was sleeping and looked satisfied and calmy, that I have never seen her like that.
I remeber, that day firstly fall down her oxigen deman. She was in beddy-bye greatly positioned and from her look was clear that she was relaxing. It was less hurting to watch her than the previous days.

I am so glad, that Kristynka could use the beddy-bye for several months in hospital and at least it replaced the soft,warm and safe place she has known.
I would wish the same thing to all premature-born babies.

Mother of Kristynka