Neobed LargeUsed in neonatological centers in resuscitaion ward, NICU and INTERMEDIAL.

It is designed for premature and newborn babies in follow-up treatment (the phase following NEOBED INTENSIVE).

NEOBED LARGE  is designed for children from 1000 g to 3500 g.

It consists of the uterus, hands (inner lining), 2 bones (pads  for the neck), and a heart (a pad for positioning on the belly).


  • limited space gives the patient a feeling of security and safety
  • allows optimal positioning of the child
  • excellent thermoregulation (NEOBED is warming)
  • ensures prevention of bedsores
  • minimizes the need to move with the patient (many tests may be done when the patient is in NEOBED)
  • reduces the negative perceptions of NICU
  • increases the overall comfort of the child


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